Nordic Walking

Dr Tova Goldfine is one of the few  trained and certified Nordic Walking Coaches in Israel. Her 32 years of Chiropractic has only added to her knowledge and training on “This New Way to Walk”Recent studies by the Cooper Institute, Dallas, showed that Nordic walking burned more calories, increased oxygen consumption, and can be up to 46% more efficient than normal walking.

Dr. Tovah: Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is also great for weight loss. By using the Nordic walking poles, you increase your heart rate on average 10-15% more than normal walking.

This means you can burn up to 450 calories per hour, much more than normal walking, which only burns approximately 280.

1. Healthier heart Just a few other benefits that make Nordic Walking healthier and more effective and all you do is walk out your front door…..

2. Greater cardiorespiratory endurance

3. Increased fitness levels

4. Enhanced nerve response

5. Better dynamic balance

6. Faster recovery time

7. Greater speed

8. Improved performance in sports

Dr. Tovah speaking on TV about nordic walking.

Put some Nordic Walking poles in your hands, and with the proper technique, you will now be utilizing up to 90% of your body’s muscles,

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