February 16, 2018

The Mysterious Chiropractic Treatment

After 30 years of  relieving patients PAIN  by gently manipulating joints and soft tissues, I stay committed to educating the public about the benefits of Chiropractic treatment.Yes, I do believe that everyone who has a spine can benefit from a Chiropractic alignment and that you don’t have to be in pain to walk into a Chiropractic office. As well, I understand that Chiropractic Care may not be for everyone and the patients that understand what we do benefit the most and live in the world with less pain as well as understanding their pain.

My patients know I feel strongly about the global need for Chiropractic Treatment due to one important fact….. I think most of the readers would agree with this …. 

                                   We live in a compressive world with Gravity.

This force of Gravity is something we cannot see, feel or touch and it weighs on us and compresses our bodies at a rate of 25 lbs per square inch. For an average 5’9” male, that is nearly 1-ton of pressure. It is like having the weight of a Volkswagen Beetle sitting on your shoulders.

 This combined with today’s societal habits and the last few decades of sitting and leaning forward……. needs a solution. 

Chiropractic Treatment is simply one of many solutions to get us out of pain, help us deal with gravity more efficiently and offer us better health and well being.

Some of us can go through our whole life and deal with this kind of  bio mechanical stress and strain on our shoulders (the Volkswagen), though I know I can’t and need a regular 

Chiropractic “tune up”.

Most important is for me is to destroy the myth and replace it with truth and experience.                      

Chiropractors do not crack bones, we manipulate joints.”

 I can only speak for myself as a “low force and gentle” Chiropractor; I gently manipulate a joint that needs to be moved due to some kind compression or immobility. I am not forcefully moving any tissue or “cracking” any bone.

If you leave this article with any pearl of wisdom, here it is…the sound the joint makes when in motion…is a fluid, a bubble, a gas..not bone cracking.

Please take a moment and read this article posted by my colleague Dr Reuven Rosenberg

The human body was made for forces, it needs movement from the blood flowing to the lymph system flowing to the 320 pairs of muscles moving and dancing. I ask “If you move or some body part moves and you feel pain..than why wouldn’t you introduce a movement into the body and remove/decrease the pain????? ” 

So as a Doc of Chiropractic,my training and practice is to assist in this movement and get you out of pain and your body functioning on your own.

I further add that my philosophy and protocol of doctoring my patients is to tell each and every patient….”If you would just stretch daily and maintain proper would never have the need to visit a Chiropractor.” 

This is my honest belief,personally and professionally.  Though now we are back to the Volkswagen Beetle, it’s a compressive world, its a world of “forward flexion” and we all need our share of hanging on a daily basis, stretching everywhere and anywhere, thruout the day for the rest of our lives.

So please accept my gentle explanation about my gentle Chiropractic treatment;  feel free to email me with any comments on this blog or questions you may have.

Please consider trying a Chiropractic treatment for any of your aches and pains or to just experience an Chiropractic adjustment…… and than you can have your own understanding, your own opinion and a spine in better alignment.